At Silicon Pixel we can help

Our clients’ needs are placed at the core of each project. We think you’ll see from the examples in the Our Work section that our projects are well thought through and very effective. We regularly exceed customer expectations and receive no end of positive feedback. We are extremely proud of the work we do.

Our expertise in marketing, design, branding, motion graphics and animation, combined with high quality broadcast standard filming and editing sets us aside from the other guys. With Silicon Pixel you get a great result and an excellent deal!

Leave it to us

We can help you from the word go. Maybe you know you need a film or animation but you’re not sure how, what or where? We’ll work through all of your questions with you and determine the best output for your objectives. We are the experts after all and we want to do the very best for you.

As the project progresses, we often uncover new angles or opportunities that you hadn’t thought of and may want to take advantage of, so you get the most from your time and the money you spend.

We are a small company but with bags of experience. In addition to a wealth of in-house expertise, we also draw upon the skills of experts in a wide range of disciplines as and when we need them, making us very flexible and giving you great value for money. We’ve spent over a decade selecting and working with only the very best people.

All, not-a-lot, or somewhere in-between

We can work with you on small or huge projects, it’s up to you – and you can have as little or as much involvement as you like. If you’re not sure and you need a pick ‘n’ mix approach or a range of options then just let us know. We can work closely with you to help you define your goals and desired outcomes, it’s not a problem. We can even take your entire project off your hands with our fully managed option, meaning that all you need to do is write the brief (and we can even help you with that).

Before you know it, an outstanding piece of work will land on your desk, all parcelled up and ready to use. What more could you ask for?