Project Description

“Hundreds of thousands of candidates across 19 territories sit CXC exams each year. These are important, high-stakes exams such as CAPEs CSECs and CCSLCs. IN 2014 CXC began using the world’s leading high stakes exam marking system, RM Assessor, to mark some of these exams on computers.”

We were asked to produce a case study of the Caribbean Examinations Council’s (CXC) use of RM Assessor. We travelled to Barbados to film a number of interviews which were then used in a variety of ways and formats in a range of marketing pieces. This video is a mix of animation and video and tells the story of how CXC now mark their exams electronically across the 19 Caribbean territories.

This piece is now used at a high level to introduce other potential international customers to RM Result’s products and services.

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